10 Costs of Buying a Home

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Costs of Buying a Home in Alberta – Closing Costs Explained

Have you ever wondered what costs are involved with buying a house? Some costs may be obvious but how much does it actually cost to buy a home when you consider the hidden fees?

In the world of real estate, the costs of buying a home are called closing costs. In this video, Felix Chan uncovers 10 costs to purchasing a home in Canada that covers both the mortgage AND real estate. This will be relevant for you especially if you live in Alberta, and are a First Time Home Buyer. If you live in another part of Canada, these costs will very be similar. It also serves as a great reminder for those who have already bought a home in the past and are buying a home in Canada again.

If you’re buying a home in Calgary and would like to set up a free strategy session to get dialed in on the entire process from start to finish, contact Felix Chan or Jasben Lai.

Felix Chan & Jasben Lai are Realtors in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Felix Chan is the Team Lead at the LiveInnerCity Real Estate Team and is a Mortgage Broker.

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